Eco Non-Adjustable Positioning Lanyard
STEELPRO by Hutter fall protection lanyard. Y-sling with Shock Absorber housed inside a synthetic material cover with heat-shrinkable and transparent property for easy inspection, with a carabiner (hard) double safety closure Lifeline (strap on Y) integrated in flat 28 mm adjustable strap with 1 "buckle, and Structural Hook (hard), double safety lock on the other end.



Adjustable double lanyard with shock absorber.
Carabiners for scaffolding 2 1/4 "in forged steel at both ends and another 3/4" with
22.2 Kn resistance with double lock closure.
Made of 28mm polyamide tape.
Maximum arresting force: ≤ 4.0 KN
Meets OSHA Recommendations
Maximum length of 1.80 m - min 1.2 m
Total length with activated absorber: 2.87m + 3%
The anchor point must have a minimum breaking load of 5000 lbf.
It should only be used on the back ring.