Single Adjustable Restraint Sling
STEELPRO in its line of heights "EXPERT LINE" offers a series of harnesses and active protection devices for falls, required under national regulations (Resolution 1409 of July 2012) and applicable American ANSI standards, with functional and ergonomic designs for the development of tasks in industry and construction. The simple EXPERT LINE fall restraint and arrest lanyard with shock absorber encapsulated in transparent synthetic material for easy inspection, allows work to be carried out at heights thanks to its 2 1/4 ”hooks with double safety lock and 3 carabiner. / 4 ”for connection to dorsal ring.


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• Simple sling with a length of 1.80 m adjustable to 1.20 m,
with 28mm polyester tape and 5,000lbs resistance.
• Shock absorber with 1.20m elongation.
(1.80 m sling length - Total length with
activated absorber 3m).
• Connection hook (structural) with 21/4 ”opening
in forged steel.
• Carabiner for connection to a 3/4 ”dorsal ring.
• Hooks made of forged steel with resistance of
22.2 kN (5000 lbs) with double safety lock and resistance
on 3,600lbs triggers.
• Meets ANSI Z359.13-2013, OSHA recommendations
1910.140 - OSHA 1926 Subpart M.
NOTE: The anchor point must have a minimum load
breaking 5000 lbs.
It is an approved equipment for fall arrest, the sling
it should only be connected to the back loop of the harness.

• ANSI Z359.13-2013
• Resolution 1409 of July 2012