Multipurpose Dielectric Harness 4 Rings
Steelpro by Hutter offers a large selection of fall protection harnesses to satisfy better the needs of customers in all industries - offers exceptional functionality with additional comfort features, for comfort and maximum protection.


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H-harness, multipurpose full body, dielectric.
Adjustable harness for sizes M to XL.
4 circular rings, Dorsal (1), chest (1), Positioning (2) in steel with PVC coating
with resistance of 22.5 kN
Made of 45mm polyester tape, with 5 pairs of PVC coated buckles to give a
better fit which are in steel; dielectric part.
Maximum capacity with tools 140 Kg.
Adjustable on chest, torso and legs.
The team has an impact witness, which allows to identify if the team made an arrest
Label protector, which allows the equipment to be labeled in this part and to keep them.

ANSI Z359.1-2007