Harness In H Expert Line
Steelpro by Hutter offers a large selection of fall protection harnesses to satisfy better the needs of customers in all industries - offers exceptional functionality with additional comfort features, for comfort and maximum protection.



Multipurpose full body “H” harness with 4 “D” rings, adjustable on chest, torso and legs.
Includes impact indicator on the back ropes.
Forged steel hardware with a resistance of 22.2 kN.
Made of 45 mm Polyamide Tape, four two-piece buckles.
One back D-ring. A chest D-ring and two rings at the sides of the waist.
Meets OSHA 1926 Recommendations.
Maximum capacity with tools: 140 kg.
Plastic rings (Accessory) to suspend the hooks of the slings.
Subpelvic strap.
Buckles for adjustment to the torso.