Lifeline Horizontal Cable 2 Person Guardian
Lifeline Cable Horizontal 2 people Guardian



The Kernmantle Guardian Rope Fall Protection Horizontal Lifeline System is a temporary, reusable, two-person system designed for fall arrest applications. Includes (1) Kernmantle Rope, (1) Ultra-Sack Storage Bag, (2) Gaskets O-rings, (2) cross arm clips, (1) rope tensioner, and (2) self-locking and self-locking carabiners. The Ultra-Sack is convenient, durable, and ideal for transporting equipment around the job site, as well as offering protection against contaminants. The two cross arm straps function as durable anchor connectors that can be reused in multiple applications. Always ensure that all aspects of horizontal lifeguard installation, inspection and maintenance are supervised by a qualified person.


  • 2 person fall arrest system
  • Temporary reusable system
  • Includes Kernmantle Rope, SOS Carry / Storage Bag, Two Rings, Two Anchorage Web Slings, Rope Tensioner, and Two Self-Locking Carabiners