Tie Off Anchor Point Strap Premium Guardian Cross Arm
Premium 4 'cross strap with large and small D-rings
Guardian Premium Fall Protection Cross Strap is a reusable anchorage connector that fits You can use in a variety of fall protection applications. Premium Cross Arm Straps are manufactured with a reinforced strap for durability and functionality compared to standard models. To use it, walk through a steel support beam or other compatible anchor and pull the small D-ring through the second ring at D bigger. Attach the Cross Arm Strap Small D-Ring with a compatible sling or SRL, and you're ready to go.



The Guardian Fall Protection Cross Premium Arm Strap is twice as durable as our standard model due to its double forced webbing and heavy duty stitching. Its heavy-duty wear pad protects the belts from abrasion and tears, and features standard and large D-rings that help increase length adjustment versatility. To shorten the length of the cross upper arm strap, simply wrap the strap around the anchor point and pass through the large D-ring several times until the desired length is reached.

Part Numbers: 10785-10786-10787


  • Twice as durable with double forced webbing and heavy duty stitching
  • Heavy-duty wear pad protects structural strap from abrasion and tears
  • Large pass-thru standard size D-ring + D-ring