Hexarmor Nxt Food Cut Protection Gloves A7 Cut Level
Usage: Cutting And Processing, Knife Handling.
Model Number: 844af The hexarmor nxt 10-302 kitchen safety glove is the first hexarmor safety glove to use the performance trushield , an innovative armature platform that provides excellent cut, puncture and abrasion resistance. Developed for use in food service, processing applications, and other manual cutting applications, hexarmor nxt 10-302 kitchen safety gloves protect users from mechanical hazards like no other another safety glove on the market. The hexarmor nxt 10-302 uses coretek fabric to keep your hands cool and comfortable even for extended wear. The hexarmor nxt 10-302 kitchen safety glove is flexible and durable, offering high protection and performance. It is designed to be worn under standard latex gloves, nitrile gloves, or vinyl gloves. The product code for these gloves is hex10-302.



Usage: Cutting And Processing, Knife Handling.

  • SuperFabric® cut-resistant 3-finger coating targets the areas most prone to knife cuts.
  • CoreTek® fiber keeps hands cool and comfortable while providing best-in-class dexterity.
  • Washable and can be sanitized or washed in a commercial dishwasher.
  • It complies with the European food migration tests (EN 1186: 2002 SI 1998 no 1376).
  • Ambidextrous, sold individually.

Información Técnica


Resistance Classification

Abrasion Resistant


Cut Resistant

5 (Protection Zone Only)

Tear Resistant


Puncture Resistant


Technical information


Palm Measure

Product code

Size 7 (Small)


Hex10-302 / S

Size 8 (Medium)


Hex10-302 / M

Size 9 (Large)


Hex10-302 / L

Size 10 (Extra Large)


Hex10-302 / Xl