Crossfire Rpg Goggles
Meets AnsiZ87.1 standards; 99.9% Grape / Uvb; Sleek modern full frame design for greater protection; Double mold rubber temple grips for better stability The newly designed full frame RPG Makes the list again as one of the best selling styles. The assembly of a wide range of users, offered in various lens selections for application in various environments. Additional Filtering All our products are from the United States SKU 10011823032 



The new full-frame RPG design again makes the list as one of the best-selling styles. Fitting a wide range of wearers, it is offered in the selection of different lenses for application in diverse environments.

Blue light filters that can cause eye strain and haze. Use in normal to bright outdoor use.


  • Model Number: 23117
  • Style: RPG
  • Lens: Flash Mirror Brown
  • UPC Code: 890349002045
  • Temple Width: 132mm
  • Base Curve: 8
  • Frame: Full Frame
  • frame color: Crystal Brown
  • Frame Material: TR90
  • Mold Type: Private Mold
  • Modeled after: Stand Alone
  • % Of light passing through: 22%
  • Frame Type: Crystal Brown
  • Features: HD