Simple Mobile Pulley
Ultra-compact and versatile pulley
Light and compact pulley. Designed to be used in hoists and load diverters. Roller on self-lubricating bearings to ensure good performance



  • Specific side plates adapted to be used with the Prusik self-locking knot in non-return systems.
  • Large diameter sheave on sealed ball bearings to ensure excellent performance.
  • It can accept up to three carabiners to facilitate maneuvering.


Reference: P60A
Weight: 295g
Min rope diameter: 7 mm
Max rope diameter: 13mm
Sheave type: sealed ball bearing
Sheave diameter: 51 mm
Yield: 97%
Working load: 4 kN x 2 = 8 kN
Made in: FR

CE EN 12278,
NFPA 1983 General Use