Progress Lanyard Connector Progress



The PROGRESS is a lanyard for rope progression. Its dynamic rope construction allows limiting the effort transmitted to the user in a limited fall. The drop indicator indicates that the product must be unsubscribed.

  • Dynamic rope lanyard to limit the effort transmitted to the user in a limited fall (do not exceed the anchor point).
  • Fall indicator: a green thread disappears when the lanyard has suffered a serious fall (incorrect use): the lanyard must be discarded.
  • Long rope to connect an ASCENSION blocking grip for rope progression.
  • Short rope to be sure during the subdivision step.
  • "Y" shape that allows permanent connection during progression through a handrail.
  • Ends provided with a plastic sleeve to keep the connector in the correct position and protect the tape from abrasion.


Reference: L44
- Weight: 150 g
- Materials: polyamide and polyester
- Other characteristics: Length: Short rope 30 cm, Long rope 65 cm
Certifications: CE EN 354
Made in: FR
Warranty: 3 years