Non-Adjustable Lanyard Connector Jane



  • It allows mounting, with an ABSORBICA energy absorber, an “I” or “Y” energy absorbing lanyard with a maximum length of two meters.
  • Sewn ends provided with a plastic sleeve to keep the connector in the correct position and protect the terminals from abrasion.
  • Available without connector or with MGO large opening connector, to connect to metal structures, cables and large diameter bars. The MGO, a large opening connector and automatic safety lock, is integrated into one end of the lanyard.

Reference: L50 100
- Weight: 130 g
- Length: 1 m (without connector)

Reference: L50 150
- Weight: 185 g
- Length: 1.5 m (without connector)

Reference: L50 200
- Weight: 225 g
- Length: 2 m (without connector)

Reference: L50 60
- Weight: 110 g
- Length: 0.6 m (without connector)

Reference: L53 100
- Weight: 585 g
- Length: 1 m (without connector)
- Other features: Lanyards with MGO connector