Y-Absorbing Energy Absorber Connector
Double lanyard with integrated energy absorber
Dual lanyard with compact and integrated energy absorber designed to secure permanently during the fractionation step. It is available in 80 or 150 cm versions (without connectors). The straps of the 150 cm version incorporate elastics so as not to hinder the progression. Available With or without MGO large opening connectors, it is certified according to European and Russian standards.


Product Comments

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  • Designed to be permanently secured even during the passage of divisions of a horizontal security line.
  • The energy of the fall is absorbed by tearing a specific strap.
  • Zippered fabric cover to protect the energy absorber from abrasion or particle projections while allowing periodic monitoring of the absorber.
  • End of the energy absorber side provided with a STRING.
  • Available without connector or with MGO large opening connector, as well as in two lengths.