Grillon Mgo connector
Adjustable clamping lanyard with MGO connector
The grillon mgo lanyard is used to create restraint systems as a complement to a fall arrest device. It allows the necessary length to be adjusted precisely and with great ease, depending on the characteristics of the Workplace, to position yourself comfortably. Large opening connector is ideal for connecting to structures Metallic, with cables and large diameter bars. The mgo grillon is available in two lengths: 2 and 3 m and is certified to North American and European standards



Lanyard with progressive regulation system that allows adjusting with

precision working position.

It is used in simple, connected to the ventral attachment point of the harness to distribute

the load between the waist and the thighs (if the user is in suspension): the regulation

This is done by operating the handle and holding the free end of the lanyard.

Available in one length

Certifications: CE EN 358

Reference: L52M 003

Weight: 995g

Length (without connector): 300 cm

Made in: FR

Warranty: 3 years