Treak Lock Ok Carabiner
Carabiner OK
Oval and symmetrical shape to position the devices (pulleys, blockers, sliding lifeline, etc.) Optimal shape. Ideal for hoists. Keylock system to prevent the carabiner from being accidentally hooked during maneuvers. Red indicator visible when the carabiner is not locked (in the screw-lock version).



The VERTIGO TWIST-LOCK carabiner has been designed to equip progression lanyards. Its excellent grip in the hand and its automatic locking system facilitate handling during the fractionation process. The large opening and the Keylock system allow the carabiner to be easily attached.

  • Designed to be used on the tips of PROGRESS lanyards.
  • Facilitates the manipulations in the fractionation step:
    - Excellent grip in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape.
    - Easy-to-use TWIST-LOCK automatic locking system. Unlocking is done by simple rotation.
    - Large opening to easily connect the carabiner.
    - Keylock system to avoid any accidental hooking of the carabiner.
  • Simplified product control:
    - H-shaped profile that protects the markings from abrasion.
    - Identification by Datamatrix code to quickly control the product.