Petzl Emergency Locking Brake
Petzl Emergency Blocker
In Tough Situations, This Ultralight Blocker Can Help Assemble A Hoist Or Replace A Self-Locking Knot On Self-rescue case. With Pulley Ultralegere, forms an emergency lifting kit with a very good weight / volume ratio. Chrome-plated steel toothed cam and debris evacuation slot optimize rope operation, muddy or icy. Can Be Used As A Return Blocker On A Hoist. The Small Upper Hole Of The Tibloc Allows You To Attach A Cord.



  • Designed to climb trees with the double rope and footlock technique or with two PANTIN foot blockers.
  • Ergonomic molded grips that guarantee a good, comfortable and powerful grip.
  • Toothed cam with evacuation slot to optimize operation in all conditions (icy, muddy ropes, etc.).
  • Stop / cam assembly fully integrated into the body of the blocker to limit friction.
  • Wide grips compatible with the use of thick gloves.
  • Holes at the bottom to connect a lanyard.
  • Hole in the upper part to clip the rope.