Petzl Chest Blocker Lift
Petzl Chest Blocker Lift
Easy to use and effective: Pinch opening of the stop for easy and fast manipulation. This stop is fully integrated into the body of the blocker to prevent inadvertent snagging. toothed with evacuation groove to optimize operation in any condition (frozen rope, muddy ...). Is cam is stainless steel for better corrosion resistance. Bottom hole adapted to keep the appliance flat. Upper hole to fix secure straps and keep the blocker in position. Available in two versions: croll: lightweight and compact blocker. This version integrates a stainless steel anti-wear protection reinforcement for the very aggressive environments. croll: blocker with wide rope passage for excellent fluidity during the ascent. 



  • Compact and lightweight belly blocker.
  • It is used as a complement to an ASCENSION grip for rope ascent.
  • Toothed cam with evacuation slot to optimize operation in all conditions (frozen rope, muddy, etc.). This cam is made of stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel wear protection reinforcement that protects the rope friction area.
  • Pinch stop opening for quick and easy handling.
  • Bottom hole adapted to keep the CROLL ventral blocker flat.
  • Upper hole to fix SECUR braces and keep the blocker in the correct position.