Petzl Ascension Blocker Ascender
Petzl Ascension Blocker Ascender
The ergonomic shape of the grip offers maximum support for the hand and keeps the grip on the axis of traction.  The rubber lining offers comfort and insulation from the cold.  It is used with a single rope from 8 to 13mm.


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  • Designed for rope ascents and, eventually, for mounting hoists (non-return).
  • Ergonomic and wide molded grip that ensures a good, comfortable and powerful grip.
  • Toothed cam with evacuation slot to optimize operation in all conditions (icy, muddy ropes, etc.).
  • Holes at the bottom for connecting a PROGRESS lanyard and for attaching a FOOTPRO pedal with a link.
  • Upper connection hole for guiding the rope or mounting a pulley with locking device.
  • Available in two versions, right hand and left hand, and in black version.