Falcom Petzl Lightweight Seat Harness
Petzl Lightweight Seat Harness
Padded belt and leg loops Perforated and breathable foam for maximum comfort Ventral attachment point to distribute the load between the belt and the leg loops during suspension work, textile side attachment points, for occasional uses, which transmit the load at the waist level to work comfortably with the p ies in support. A rear textile attachment point on the belt to connect a retention lanyard. Rear hook to fix the top and top crool torsos. Equipped with DoubleBack self-locking buckles: two on the belt and one on each leg. gear loops: two large and rigid, front, to facilitate access to the gear; two small and flexible, rear, so that they do not disturb when carrying a backpack. Two loops for caritool tool holders. Available in two versions: Rescue harnesses



Anchor Points: Ventral, Lateral

Size 1:

Weight: 840g
Waist: 70 - 120 Cm

Thigh: 50 - 65 Cm

Size 2:
Weight: 930g

Waist: 80 - 140 Cm

Thigh: 60 - 75 Cm


C38aaa 1, C38aaa 2
C38aan 1, C38aan 2 (Black)


Ce En 813, Ce En 358
Made In: Fr