Blue Disposable Steelpro Safetex Steelpro 7770B Size M
7770B coveralls are disposable suits made in synthetic SAFETEX material in blue with additional layer that provides resistance to the passage of particles and with 53.7% polypropylene backing film and foil 46.3% polyethylene that gives it properties raincoats. They are designed to provide protection against substances biological, hazardous, for airborne particles and / or splashes. They have an antistatic treatment and They offer electrostatic protection according to Regulations EN1149-5.



• TYPE 5B and 6B laminated microporous synthetic suit.
• With antistatic properties.
• Protection against radioactive particles Class 2.
• Protection against Type 6B chemicals.
• Protection of biological and infectious agents.
• Material specifications: 53.7% polypropylene and
46.3% polyethylene sheet.
• Springy sleeves and hood.
• 79 cm long front zip closure.
L 501164
XL 501166