8X16 Rimless Polycarbonate Visor
Visor cap made of high-density polypropylene with suspension system with ratchet that allows interchangeability of high-resistance polycarbonate visors with and without piping metallic, as well as metal mesh visors for forestry work. Made of PAD (High Density Polyethylene) to protect the frontal area of the head. Thread adjustment system without n, for a secure fit.



• Head made of high-density polypropylene.
• Protects the front area of the head.
• Lift-up visor for greater comfort.
• Ratchet system, for a secure fit.
• Ideal support for the use of polycarbonate visors.
• High resistance.
• Regulation in the upper part by means of PIN.
• Greater chemical thermal resistance.
• Cap weight: 280 grams.