Steelpro 7770 White Disposable Coverall Ta O Chemical 4/5/6 Lla M
The chemical coverall 7770 provides users with protection against dangerous substances and protects sensitive products and processes from contamination by human beings, also being applied depending on the degree of danger of the chemical product and the exposure conditions for protection against particles. and liquid spraying processes.



• Do not use near sources of intense heat.
• It is not flame retardant.
• Do not use in exposed works or incandescent products.
• It is the user's responsibility to know about the type of garment to use in relation to
type of work and products with which you will work to properly select the
protective clothing.
•Do not iron.
• Once contaminated, dispose of in the most appropriate way.
• If in doubt, call your dealer.
• Material specifications: 40 %polietileno , 55% polypropylene, 5% polyester.
L 450 250 201 777
XL 450 250 201 778