Optech Superphotosensitive Automatic Welding Mask
Ergonomically designed mask for total protection of the face, in order to avoid different dangers to that is exposed, such as acids, burns, abrasion. Helmet provided with automatic solar darkening filter. Includes a special rotating head band (up and down). The hull contains high performance cells such as distribution power. Ultra-high performance UV / IR self-darkening filters provide complete protection for eyes of the user and against radiation throughout the welding process, even in the light state. This product makes welders feel comfortable while working.



"• Made of highly resistant and flexible thermoplastic material. • Secondary visual protection system. • Visibility area: 98 x 43 mm or (3.86” x x1.69 ”). • Cartridge size: 110x90 x 9mm or (4.33 ”X 3.54”). • Automatic viewer with photosensitive cells. • It has solar cells, does not require batteries. • Dimming time: 0.000033 sec. • Graduated regulator, adjustable sensitivity control 9-13. • UV / RI protection, up to DIN 16 all the time. • Impact resistance • Electrical insulation. • Gravitational adjustable cap. • Function selection: welding or drilling. • Packaging dimensions: 32 x 22.5cm. • Net weight: 435 grams. • Color: graphite "