Rocket Polycarbonate Mask Af Ir 3.O
Ergonomic design visor, for total protection of the face, in order to avoid different dangers to which it is exposed, such as: acids, burns, abrasion. This facial protection guarantees our consumers their safety in different types of work
Range 32 meters (20 lumens) and 30 hours duration. Pivoting shatterproof lens to direct light.



• Made of polycarbonate sheet. 1mm thick.
• Resistance to impacts.
• Resistance to irritating or corrosive liquids.
• It has a UV filter.
• Aluminum edging, which allows to give a better shape to the curvature.
• Universal system, for any type of cap.
• Format 8 ”x 16” - 20.3 cm x 40.6 cm