Headphone Samurai Snr 27Db / Ansi Nrr 23Db
The lightweight phono-type hearing protectors model SAMURAI from STEELPRO, provide effective protection to workers who work in areas where noise levels exceed 85 dB (A) for 8 hrs. effective exposure. Its soft pads foam provide a comfortable and secure fit for effective protection from noise that may be exposed the user. The arc of the phono supports easy displacement at the nape, allowing the use of wing type helmet.



"• The SAMURAI Model is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. • Protection level corresponds to SNR 27 dB. • Cups: ABS and polycarbonates with high resistance to impact and shocks against soft materials. • You can adjust the height of the phone to provide a perfect combination of convenience and comfort. • Weight: 135 grams "