Nitilsafe Glove Green 13 "15Mil T 7
Nitrilsafe steelpro gloves have a 100% cotton jersey interior, nitrile jersey coating, double layer of thick open cuff, safety cuff. This jersey nitrile compound is resistant to petroleum derivatives and various chemicals. High resistance to cuts, abrasion and punctures or chips. Coating thickness is 0.75mm (+ -0.225).



• Nitrile supported on sanitized jersey.
• Nitrile rubber (NBR) coated. Thickness: 0.75mm (+ - 0.225).
• Double layer safety cuff. Resistance to chemicals and petroleum derivatives.
• Resistant to cuts, punctures and abrasion. Easy maintenance., (Washable).
• Metalworking industry.
• Works with oil applications.
•Automotive engineering.
•Construction Industry.
• Any activity that generates mechanical and abrasion risk.