Evo Pro Executive Blue Helmet
Short visor for work at height, confined spaces and heights voltage. Protects from rain and at the same time allows great visibility. Inner expanded polyethylene foam, offering features special thermal insulation and superior, impact resistance sides. 6-point Roller suspension for simple adjustment and suitable. 4-pointed chinstrap, unique in the market. Anchored directly to the hull, which provides maximum resistance. With chin guard silicone that provides great comfort.


Product Comments

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• It has a roller type suspension.
• Four-pointed chinstrap with support
siliconized synthetic rubber chin strap.

in the rear area of the equipment on the
• Slot to complement with accessories
universal size.
• Inner foam of expanded polyethylene
(EPS) offering features
special thermal insulation and is
resistant to side impacts.
• Short visor for work at height.
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