Self-Retracting Block 6M (20Ft) In Steel Cable Ansi Z359.14-2014 Steelpro
The STEELPRO Fall Protection self-retracting line in steel cable for arresting falls to less than 0.61 mts., allows the realization of work at heights and safe movement in vertical and horizontal planes. It has an indicator of visual impact on the head of the swivel ¾ hook that helps to identify the condition of the equipment, which allows verifying if it was impacted and it is necessary to remove it of use. Its design with ABS housing and swivel-type head allows the equipment and the guaya line does not kink, its materials are highly resistant to abrasion and weathering.



• Black ABS casing.
• Anchor hook for swivel connection.
• 6 meter long, resistant steel handle.
• Spring ring to protect the retractable mechanism.
• Double-lock safety connector or carabiner with ¾ ”opening and system
swivel type.
• Impact indicator to facilitate inspection.
• Weight: 3.51 kg.
• Maximum load: 136Kg