Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 50-21A EPI
The sling Ref. 50-21A and Ref. 50-21C are an element that is part of the Personal Fall Restriction System and their use is recommended when carrying out work at heights (according to the NTC standard, heights greater than 1.50m) .
Simple Positioning Sling made of 25mm wide polyester rope with adjustable length, with double action hooks at its ends.


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Available in sizes from 1.20m to 1.80m.

• 50-21A: Positioning sling with ¾ ”hooks - 21mm opening at each end.

• 50-21C: Positioning sling with hook 2½ "- 65mm opening at one end and ¾” -21mm opening at the other end.

Información Técnica

Functions like:

• Positioning work (Posts, structures, trusses, etc.).

• Fall Restraint Systems.

• Complement harnesses Ref. 50-11, 50-12 and 50-13.