MSA Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer
Ready to use indicator. Automatic start. Small size. Lightweight. Sturdy construction Stainless steel cartridge. It can be stored for a long time. Quick availability of use. Delivery of oxygen controlled by the respiratory rhythm. Excellent performance at any rate of air consumption. Multipurpose training unit.



  • • The SavOx is a closed circuit respiratory protection equipment. It is ideal for any situation where toxic gases or particles or oxygen deficiency may occur suddenly and an emergency escape is required.
  • • Typical application areas are: breweries, rescue or escape chambers, transportation of hazardous materials, mining, nuclear plants, oil rigs, on-board emergencies, rescue, silos, tunnel construction, water treatment, water distribution network , landfills.
  • • The SavOx is always ready for use, when needed, in an emergency situation without requiring costly maintenance. Due to its small size and low weight, it can be carried with you, thus ensuring that the exhaust equipment is always at hand. Training use and placement can be performed easily and economically with the training version SavOx TR replaceable nozzle and without using a chemical cartridge.

Design and Operation:

  • • A blue segment appears through a window indicating that the SavOx is "ready to use"
  • • Installation and start-up are easily done in a few seconds.
  • • The SavOx provides the user with sufficient oxygen for 30 minutes (Ref. EN 401). Oxygen is generated by potassium peroxide (KO2) and supplies oxygen in response to user consumption. Oxygen generation adjusts itself to the demand of the respiratory rate. The duration of operation of the equipment is determined by this respiratory rate of the user.
  • • The automatic start system supplies additional oxygen for the initial phase of using the equipment
  • • A unique dual heat exchanger system reduces the inhaled air temperature to a comfortable level.
  • • The glasses it incorporates provide an excellent fit and good vision. The SavOx has an antistatic breathing bag.
  • • The SavOx requires almost no maintenance and its useful life can be up to 10 years. The achievable useful life depends on the type of use and type of treatment to which the equipment is subjected.

Información Técnica

  • • Equipment in its carrying case
  • • Weight: 2.5 kg. approx.
  • • Dimensions: Height 220 mm. approx.
  • • Width 160 mm. approx.
  • • Depth 110 mm. approx.
  • • Transport mode:
  • • On the belt or with the strap over the shoulder
  • • Shelf life: up to 10 years
  • • Equipment in Use (without case)
  • • Weight: 1.5 kg. approx.
  • • How to wear it:
  • • hanging over the chest
  • • Service time:
  • • depends on user and workload
  • • At a breathing rate of approx .:
  • • 10 l / m. 3 h. approx.
  • • 50 l / m. 25 min. approx.
  • • Duration level (according to EN 401): 30 minutes
  • • Classification by temperature: T4 (Ref. EN 50014, maximum surface temperature)