Mining Self Rescue OXYPRO-50 Steelpro
The OXYPRO-50 closed circuit Autorescator equipment is a portable device of easy availability and use that can be used in emergency situations where the oxygen level and the presence of Gases that displace it suddenly change the atmosphere.
In workplaces and generate the need to escape due to oxygen deficiency (Levels less than 19.5% Vol) or due to the presence of toxic gases that require evacuation, because it operates at 100% generating O2 without the need for filtration outside air.


Product Comments

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• Reference: OXYPRO-50

• Inhalation temperature: ≤50 ° C

• Maximum housing temperature during use: 200 ° C

• Size (mm): 202x119x206

• Weight (Kg): 2.4

• Autonomy of use (nominal duration of operation): 50 minutes at 35L / min

• Shelf life without use In transport mode: 5 years

• In storage: 10 years

• Shelf life without use In transport mode: 5 years

• As an accessory with additional cost, it can include a safe transport case. To preserve its status.

The OXYPRO-50 Equipment protects the user's airways and by activating the O2 candle and automatic initiation of the chemical reaction of the KO2 (potassium peroxide) contained and the air exhaled by the user, it generates a chemical reaction in which O2 (Oxygen) necessary to guarantee adequate breathing and autonomy of use in escape tasks of 50 or more minutes in activity is released. It has mono glasses with a hermetic seal to protect the eyes from particulate matter (dusts), mists, vapors or irritating gases that may be present during evacuation. As it is manufactured with treated materials free of aluminum, magnesium, titanium or alloy components that generate sparks or ignition, it passes shock, vibration and insulation tests, according to these tests it is determined that it is antistatic and based on tests and manufacturer's declaration. It is suitable for use in environments with explosive atmospheres and underground mining including coal.

The OXYPRO-50 equipment is maintenance-free, is designed for single use, its casing is curved to be more ergonomic when used at the waist by means of the pins located at the back and has for identification of good There has been a humidity inspection window located in its upper casing that changes from a pink color when it is not suitable for use and a tightness indicator that breaks once the user removes the adjustment seals of the equipment closure band. It has reflective bands on the front of the housing to be identified in low visibility environments.

Información Técnica

• Certification under Directive (2016/425 / EU) - Category III

• Approved EN13794: 2002 - Registration No. EPT0477.PPE.19 / 3075 - Test Report No. EPT.18.REL.02 / 56556 - Approval Report No. EPT.18.REL.05 / 56556