Self Contained G1 MSA Autonomous Breathing Apparatus
At MSA , say that "When you enter a fire .... MSA goes with you." They are not just words, it is what drives us. In everything we do, we keep your safety and comfort in mind. Introducing the MSA G1 SCBA: The most comfortable, optimized, balanced, configurable, and adaptable SCBA we've ever created.
When we develop our products, we are guided by a single question: How do we meet and exceed the security needs of our customers? In response, we solicited feedback from firefighters across the nation, listened carefully, and incorporated those ideas to produce the most advanced, smartest, and easiest-to-use SCBA offered today.



The most comfortable, optimized, balanced, configurable and adaptable SCBA we have ever created. MSA G1 SCBA is the only SCBA on the market to offer harness customization to ensure improved fit, balance and comfort. NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 approval.


• It is light and compact: it does not require any electronic components.

• Open port design with protection against cross contamination.

• Comfortable and easy to use, with low resistance to inhalation and exhalation with and without connection to the equipment air.


• Provides both analog and color LCD displays. The display turns on automatically when the control module is raised to the viewing position.

• Large letters make the screen easier to read.

• Provides more data and functionality than ever.

• It doesn't matter which button is pressed: the necessary information appears on the screen.

• Improved Visibility

• Through supporting lights and reflective material.

• 4 support lights located on the rear plate.

• 2 control module lights.

• Light included in the regulator.


• Head up display - displays pressure remaining in cylinder in 4 increments via colored LEDs.

• Information is provided that is clear and easy to understand and interpret.

• Electronic communication.

• Audible and clear amplified communication.

• Eliminates the noise of breathing when inhaling.


• Adjustable pivoting lumbar pad that manages the weight of the SCBA.

• Greater comfort, balance, fit.


• A single power supply.

• Alkaline or rechargeable battery.

• Multiple battery sizes are not required.

• Low cost of ownership.


• Version for threaded cylinder for easy retrofit to quick connect or quick connect cylinder.

• Quick installation and replacement to return to the fire scene.

• Integrated technology for future expansion.

• Bluetooth, RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC).

• Customizable - built to meet your specific needs.

• The control module and the HUD module display the necessary information - easily adapting to your existing standard operating procedures.

Markets: Fire Fighting, Construction, General Industry, Oil Sector, Utilities

Applications: Confined Space, Search and Rescue

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• The mask is lightweight and compact - no electronics are required.

• Wide field of view of | 180 °

• Prevents cross contamination by not allowing exhalation contact with the second stage regulator

• Open port design allows minimal resistance to exhalation

• It has removable pad's for easy cleaning and disinfection

• Straps coated with nano spheres, provides greater resistance to water and pollutants

• The straps have a highly comfortable design as they have a larger surface area and better padding, they do not get tangled.

• Available in version for threaded cylinder or quick connection cylinder

SELF-CONTAINED EQUIPMENT G1 / NIOSH + NFPA Version 2013 compliance:

• 10187744

• 10187745

• 10184540

• 10185708


• 10190422

• 10190475

• 10191091

• 10191092

• 10190473

• 10190474