NQ, HQ and NTW Metal Core Boxes for Sample Storage



  • Galvanized sheet box with lid of 3 and 4 compartments measures hq, nq, ntw.
  • Specially designed to resist weight and handling, without warping, sharp edges and riveted joints for added security.

Información Técnica

Material: Galvanized sheet lime 24/26 as required.

Core diameter (mm): 26-36 37-48 49-64 65-86

Quantity tray: 6x1m 5x1m 4x1m 3x1m

Dimensions (cm): 107x34x5 (According to Requirement)

Cable sizes: AQ - BQ Enterprises - NQ - NQ3 - HWG

DCDMA Sizes: AWG AWM - BWM - BWG - NWG Mechanism HWG