Bags For Geological Samples And Mining Samples
These bags allow an easy and fast draining of the water since they are made of polypropylene fiber, becoming seven times more resistant than the bags. Mining sample bags. Bags for minerals and rocks. Special bags for mining. Heavy duty bags. Bags resistant to chemicals or chemical agents. Wet sample bags. Bags for mining industries. Bags for holes. Bags for geological samples. Mine service bags. Bags for biological sampling. Bags for carrying heavy, sharp, sharp materials and / or with angular edges.
They carry a waterproof label, sewn to the top of the bag for identification.



• Bags for mining samples. Manufacture of special bags for the collection, handling, transportation, protection and analysis of mining samples, generated during the exploitation of the subsoil and rocky areas.

• Bags for minerals and rocks. Manufacture of special bags to contain, protect and separate minerals and different kinds of rocks, and thus avoid contamination, either by the environment or by contact with other minerals or rocks. These bags are characterized by their high mechanical resistance to tearing and puncturing, also avoiding the loss of the contained materials.

• Special bags for mining. Development of bags from their design and formulation, to meet the demands of mining, in the exploitation of deposits, and everything related to mining engineering, subsoil and material banks.

• High resistance bags. Given the conditions of the work environment in the subsoil and its handling, it is necessary to have high-resistance bags that fully comply with their function at all times, guaranteeing the protection of their contents, during their handling and transfer maneuvers.

• Chemical resistant bags. In environments with the presence of a wide variety of chemical products, either as aids in mining work, as well as those present due to the nature of the deposit itself. These bags resist a wide spectrum of chemical agents, avoiding chemical interaction between these agents and the bags; thus fulfilling its purpose to contain and protect.

• Bags for wet samples. Given the importance of the analysis of the different stages of the exploitation of the deposit or of the mining itself, these bags offer a high degree of impermeability, containing and preserving the elements in a liquid or aqueous state, capable of being subjected to analysis tests. Preserving the integrity of the sample, with a high degree of humidity, favors the accuracy of the results of the analyzes, being a tool of great importance in making decisions regarding the results of the samplings.

• Bags for mining industries. Since the mining industry is not only about the exploitation of the subsoil, but also the subsequent processes of its by-products, the mining industry requires bags with special characteristics, according to its own and unique materials and processes, to reach the end of its production chain with a high degree of quality and efficiency.

• Bags for holes. Bags for holes, its usefulness lies in its impermeability, creating a layer resistant to moisture, so it prevents and prevents the contact of water with explosives. Thus providing a controlled drilling, despite subsoils with a high presence of real or relative humidity.

• Bags for geological samples. These bags provide a protection capacity and resistance to punching such that they are capable of containing, protecting and transporting; any type of mineral or rock, characterized by having angular structures or sharp edges, which, increased to the specific weight of these materials, exert a cutting action of very high values. Despite these characteristics, the bags for geological samples, manage to bring these samples to the geology laboratory, successfully.

• Bags for mine service. These bags can be used as bags for multiple applications, as support in the development of routine or special activities, such as corrective maintenance, where these bags can fulfill the task of containing and transporting items that need to be kept grouped (games tools, screw sets, etc.); as well as those elements that need to be protected from a humid environment, such as bags for leather explosives, which can be protected from water or humidity, by means of one of these bags.

• Bags for biological sampling. These bags have the ability to contain and transport samples of a biological nature, also offering superior mechanical resistance, a transcendent safety characteristic. As this bag is a harmless element, it prevents biological samples from being altered by the medium that contains them, as would be the case with this bag.

• Bags for carrying heavy, sharp, sharp and / or sharp-edged materials. Carrier bags focus on overcoming their protection and transportation characteristics, improving their resistance to punching, caused by the diversity of heavy materials, sharp, sharp and / or with angular edges that can act as a cutting element, these bags They manage to pass these tests, carrying out an excellent transportation and hauling work.

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• Sizes: 40X50 Cm - 43X23Cm (According to need)