Bullard EVA PAPR Autonomous Breathing Apparatus
For applications in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, painting, milling and coating tasks EVA Powder is the state of the art in Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) technology and design
EVA respirators feature an easy-to-read battery indicator that allows the user to quickly check the status of the unit, as well as a high-performance brushless motor. 10,000 hour life designed for long-term reliability.



Use: Industry And Mining.

• C archarger + Battery + Tube + Diving Bell + Particulate Material Filter Ref: PAPRFC3.

Allows greater visibility when handling the sample during cutting.

Provider provides support for the operation and training.

Very lightweight and parts can be replaced.

Allows you to use double hearing protection.

Filter tested in highly contaminated areas lasts 4 months (10,000 hours in low concentrations).

Good acceptance by workers when wearing this PPE for 6 continuous hours.

Rechargeable battery (110 volts) with 500 charge cycles. visual and audible alarm indicating battery and / or obstruction.