Professional Mannequin Patient Care
Basic patient care manikin for standard nursing, first aid and emergency practices, weight 20.87 kg, complies with OBRA
Lungs, heart, stomach, bladder, and intestinal sections can be removed and fitted with the drain seals. Includes intestinal tube, catheter, duodenal tube, talcum powder, petroleum jelly and lubricant.





• Meets WORK requirements.

• Shipping weight 23.59 kg.

• Create standard nursing, first aid, and emergency practices.

• The neck, arm and leg joints can move in natural positions.

• Flexible waist connection allows back bending.

• Injection pads allow for repeated injections and years of use.

• Made of very strong, unbreakable, waterproof plastic.

• Also includes interchangeable male and female genitalia and removable partial dentures in the upper jaw.

• It measures 174 cm.

Información Técnica

• Wound dressing and covering (including stump dressing).

• Examination and care of the patient in decubitus (stages 2-4).

• Diabetic foot syndrome.

• Hair care (washing, drying, etc.).

• Injections (IM and SC).

• Incorporation, mobilization.

• Oxygenation, artificial respiration.

• Personal hygiene, cleaning (removal of partial dentures).

• Simplified assembly.

• Tracheostomy care.

• Treatment and care of injuries (surgical stapling, laceration and abrasions).

• Enmas administration.

• Irrigation (eyes, ear, nose, stomach, intestine, bladder).

• Nasogastric washing and feeding.

• Ostomic care