Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin
The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints.
When filled with water, the mannequin is submerged up to the neck. Add an extra 5-10 pounds of weight to the sink (weights not included; a brick will work).


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Adult and adolescent water rescue mannequins


• Manikin Weight: Approximately 40 lbs.

• Submerged Manikin Weight: Approximately 105 lbs.

• Can be additionally weighed to reach a submerged weight of 140 pounds.

• Cables and tips are replaceable (contact our customer service vice department).

Información Técnica

• Size: 65 "x 23" x 9 ".

• Shipping weight 52 lbs.

Top water rescue:

The Water Rescue adult mannequin. The mannequin gains weight by filling with water through the small holes in the legs and arms. The torso of the mannequin may be

fill with water by opening the valve located on the shoulder. When the mannequin is full, it will sink to mouth level.


To fully submerge the Adult Water Rescue Manikin, remove the vinyl cover and plastic insert located on the abdomen of the manikin.

relatives. Add about 10 pounds. weight (ie, a brick) Replace the plastic insert and vinyl cover. The mannequin will now be fully submerged.

Important: We highly recommend wearing a flotation device and / or be attached to the manikin in those situations where loss is possible.