Simulaids® TI Rescue Randy - 165 lbs Manikin
The Simulaids® TI Rescue Randy has thermal imaging capabilities for rescue training. Thermal imaging scanners can now see Randy at a distance of more than 20 feet. The special warmers on the face and hands work with standard 110V or 220V outlets and reach the desired temperature in 15 minutes.
You can set the desired temperature in TI Rescue Randy and it will be visible on the scanner for more than 45 minutes offline. Ideal for building rescue training or search and rescue in the field, Rescue Randy TI will stand out from the background thermal imaging. It has been tested in smoke and steam filled spaces for fire fighting environments, with realistic simulation demonstrated for rescue and extraction training.



Simulaids® TI Rescue Randy - 165 lbs. Manikin

• In real world settings, the manikin is unlikely to be presented with the entire body or torso exposed for easy definition of the thermal signature. Therefore, you should train with smaller presentations like the head and hands.

• Training with firefighters has demonstrated the real value of TI Rescue Randy in providing the quality presentation needed for effective training and the added reality in a life-size presentation that presents the same problems during extraction as encountered with an incapacitated victim. . Even without a power source, this manikin can make a realistic and effective presentation for training with the thermal imaging camera for more than 45 minutes.

• Provides enhanced training opportunities for a wide range of applications, such as military applications (training for major space firefighting, search and rescue) and police / corrections (training for escape and evasion scenarios and flexible enough to support training in the field or in the place.).

Información Técnica

• Size: 55 x 27 x 13 in.