Hearing Protector Headband Type Peltor Cup 3m 25 Db Optime 98 Ref H9a
Always use protectors with clean hands. Put on protectors before entering the work area. Do not remove guards in work area. Follow the directions for use to achieve a good fit. Store the protectors in a dry and contaminant-free place.
Cup-type ear protector offers protection in work environments with noise levels above 85 db. The twin cups are acoustically coupled which minimizes resonance and results in a super attenuator that Provides effective protection against extreme noise, as well as optimal comfort and weight Lightweight. Soft foam bushings provide a proper seal without causing too much Pressure. The bearings are easy to replace and their outer shell is made of Textured plastic that facilitates ventilation and increases its durability.



Uses and applications:

They can be used in a wide number of segments. Earmuffs are recommended in those jobs where there is both exposure to noise, as well as conditions in which workers are exposed to dust, grease or other types of substances.

Specifications (technical characteristics):

The 3m-aearo optime model ear muffs hearing protectors are manufactured with hypoallergenic and very low weight materials, they provide effective and hygienic protection to workers who work in areas where noise levels exceed 98 db per working day.

Earmuff with upper h3a headband, recommended for a wide variety of hazardous work environments (nrr 25 db).

Wide, padded top band with four steel suspension points, superior padding while distributing pressure for comfort and adapting to most facial profiles. Stainless steel construction resists kinking and warping.

The pivoting point cups allow users to tilt and adjust the ear cups for optimal comfort and efficiency and slide and rotate for a better fit and greater comfort. Adjustable shell accommodates earmuff for any head size.

Liquid and foam filled ear cushions, soft rings are the ultimate for a better seal (even with goggles) and provide added comfort.

Información Técnica

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