Converse Dielectric Toe Safety Boots 8893
Converse Dielectric Toe Seg Boots



8 inches

Tailex lining, which ensures long-lasting comfort, abrasion resistance and climate control.

Designed for a foot in constant motion. This technology allows the prevention of blisters and avoid other unwanted pain.

It creates small air pockets that maintain a favorable climate inside the boot that gives the foot more room to breathe during a tactical operation. Especially important in hot climates, the liner captures moisture, separating it from the feet and preparing it for evaporation. This rapid evaporation process reduces mold and odor-causing bacteria.

The side zipper is a high quality ykk brand that unzips with ease.

Absorbs shocks and high impacts. It is classified astm f2413-05 i / 75 c / 75. This means that your toes will be safe from an impact of up to 75 pounds and compression loads of up to 2,500 pounds.

The removable dual-density polyurethane cushion provides a flanged pillow that protects the sole of the foot. For extra support, converse places an eva midsole between your feet and the ground.


Made in usa