Thermal Cameras For Body Temperature Control In High Traffic Areas
Temperature can be a sign of potential difficulties. With thermal imaging cameras, you can catch anything unforeseen before it becomes a problem. Designed for everyday use in the most demanding industrial environments. Synergy offers infrared cameras for a wide variety of applications. Applications in Airports, Terminals, checkpoints, department stores. Connection port for display / monitor. Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
USB Type-C interface for charging. 2.8 "TFT screen. Infrared sensor with temperature measurement range: 30 ° C ~ 45 ° C. High Temperature Alarm. Device with photo function and storage on SD card. Software for data analysis. 1/4 hole "for tripod mounting.


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• Technical Specifications of the Equipment.

• 2.8 "TFT screen

• Temperature measurement range: 30 ° C ~ 45 ° C

• It has a photo function and SD card storage

• Software for data analysis

• Temperature alarm

• Rechargeable lithium battery


• Helps you visualize hot and cold spots that may indicate electrical faults, mechanical breakdowns, or air and water leaks.

• Detects the source of system failure: speed inspections with a thermal view that instantly tells you if a target is overheating.

• Complete inspections quickly and easily: Aim at the area you are measuring using the bull's-eye laser pointer and capture MSX thermal and visual images with a simple trigger.

• Work with confidence - easily view live images in 2.8 inches.

Información Técnica

• Ideal for preventive maintenance, electrical inspections and front-line troubleshooting.

• Suitable for scientific, research and engineering applications where constant infrared data collection is required.

• Ideal when pinpoint accuracy is required both near and far, whether for electrical services or in the field of research and development.