MSA Multigas Solaris Gas Detectors
You asked us: Can MSA produce a smaller and even cheaper multigas detector without sacrificing the features and quality that MSA represents? And we have a definitive answer: Of course we do! MSA offers the Solaris Multigas Detector - an excellent choice for individual worker safety.
The Solaris Multigas Detector is an inexpensive, durable, reliable, and easy-to-use portable instrument used to detect the presence of O2, H2S, CO, and combustible gases. This instrument is designed to withstand rough handling in harsh environments. But best of all, it represents MSA commitment to quality despite being the smallest size, and at an even lower price!



The Solaris Multigas Detector is ergonomically designed and provides the most valuable option available in its class. At a low and competitive price, this detector gives you the most advanced engineering design and high quality you have come to expect from MSA . It offers the best conceived and most varied feature set on the market despite weighing less than 8 ounces and having 41/2 ”x 21/2” x 11/4 ”inch dimensions corresponding to height, width and depth respectively.

Información Técnica

Description: Solaris

• Even with the small size of the solaris multi-gas detector, this instrument offers a superior display.

• Its backlight provides exceptional contrast that makes it easy to read in low visibility conditions and from a variety of angles. All gas concentrations are displayed simultaneously and can be easily identified at a glance.

• The solaris multi-gas detector display also contains an alphanumeric message bar that clearly displays specific commands and easily guides users through the various functions of the instrument.

Simple calibration

• Calibration is intuitive and accomplished with the push of a single button. This automatic calibration feature greatly simplifies calibration and reduces operator training needs.

• It also has built-in logic operations and enables the use of a wide variety of calibration gas concentrations.

Long-lasting batteries

• Lithium ion battery version The rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the detector continuously for more than 14 hours and outperforms other battery technologies in extreme environmental conditions.

MSA multi-gas detector battery will fully charge in less than four hours and will maintain 80% of its original capacity after 500 recharge cycles. There is nothing extra to buy, because all solaris units ship with a charging cradle and power cord.

Version with alkaline batteries

• The solaris multi-gas detector is now offered with alkaline batteries. This version of the solaris multigas detector will run continuously for more than 12 hours using three aa batteries.

• Designed with two easy-to-remove screws with durability in mind, this version will continue to be one of the most robust and easy-to-use instruments in the industry.

Galaxy ™ system compatibility

• To make the solaris multi-gas detector compatible with the galaxy automatic test system, order the unit with the datalog option. As the industry's leading standalone calibration system, the galaxy system enables users to automatically calibrate, reload, and retain calibration records for their instruments. As an optional feature, the galaxy system provides access to calibration records and results through a wired or wireless network interface.

Optional sampling pump

• The solaris multi-gas detector offers an optional motorized sampling pump that is inside the sampling probe accessory. The basic pump platform uses the same proven technology as other portable instruments from msa. The pump probe can be used with tubing up to 50 feet for remote sampling applications. The pump module also includes an extensive filtration system that keeps liquid and particulate contaminants trapped.

Solaris fx multigas detector

• The solaris fx multigas detector has an enhanced lel sensor with faster response and release times for toluene, xylan, and other aromatic hydrocarbons. With these enhancements, the solaris fx multigas detector is ideal for use in the chemical and petrochemical markets, where the rapid detection and clearance of aromatic hydrocarbons is crucial. The graph below illustrates the much faster response of the solaris fx multigas detector to toluene compared to the response of the 20l sensor.