Drager Pac 3500 Gas Detectors
Drager Pac 3500 Gas Detector



  • The housing, together with the protective rubber sleeve, is impact resistant and impervious to corrosive chemicals and meets the requirements of IP 66/67. An alligator clip ensures a secure fixation on clothing allowing custom fit.
  • The large, text-free display continuously indicates gas concentration and unit of measure. Automatic backlighting allows increased visibility in dark conditions.
  • To ensure continuous operation, even when gas entry to the detector is accidentally prevented, the equipment sensor is positioned to allow gas to enter from both the top and front of the equipment.
  • In addition to the vibration alarm, the Dräger Pac 3500 emits a multi-tone acoustic alarm and a bright 360 ° visual alarm, with flashing LEDs on the top and bottom of the device. Alarm levels can be set individually according to user need or to national standard levels with the use of Dräger Pac or CC-Vision PC software.
  • Complete system with an infrared interface, being able to store up to 60 events with date and time. The Dräger Pac 3500 can be easily connected to the PC via a connection module. This means that events such as power on or off, gas and battery alarms, error codes, configuration changes, fresh air calibration and bump tests can be downloaded, printed and stored in the schedule for future consultation or reporting.
  • The trial tests are necessary to verify that the equipment works correctly. Most national regulations require users to periodically check equipment with known gas concentrations.
  • Incorporating new technology from Dräger XXS sensors, the Dräger Pac 3500 has been specifically designed for use in personal protection and industrial applications. The robustness and reliability of these sensors quickly detect CO, H2S and O2 concentrations, and due to its very low cross-interference, the Dräger Pac 3500 can be used for its 2-year life without the need for additional calibration or maintenance.