Hanwei 4 Gas E4000 Gas Detectors
Interchangeable smart sensor module. Selectable MOS, Catalytic, Electrochemical, Infrared, PID sensors. Built-in sampling pump (optional). GPS, GPRS and man-down function (optional). Gas measurement: O2, CO, H2S, CH4 fuel. Ingress Protection: IP66
E4000 is a bonded gas detector that measures a maximum of four (4) gases to protect disasters caused by O2 deficiency, toxic gas poisoning, and combustible gas explosion. Continuously measures up to four combustible gas gases, O2, and toxic gases, and displays their concentrations. Once the hazard occurs, the alarm (visual, audible and vibrating) is also activated. By adopting interchangeable smart sensor module, it can be made to detect 2 gas, 3 gas and 4 gas.



- Interchangeable smart sensor module

- Intrinsically safe

- Selectable MOS, Catalytic, Electrochemical, Infrared, PID sensors

- Built-in sampling pump (optional)

- Visual, audible and vibrating alarm.

- Adjustable alarm levels and span calibration value

- STEL and TWA alarm for toxic gases

- Password management

- Real time clock

- Self-test after power-up

- Self-diagnosis and self-correction function

- GPS, GPRS and man-down function (optional)

Información Técnica

Gas measurement O2 Colorado H2S Fuel
Measuring range 0-30% VOL 0-1000ppm 0-100ppm 0-100% LEL
Sensor type Electrochemical Electrochemical Electrochemical Catalytic
Measurement type Diffuse naturally (pump sampling if pump selected)
Response time T90
Monitor LCD screen
Audible ≥85dB and 1m
Alarm method Visual, audible and vibratory signals.
Drums DC3.7V 6600mAh lithium battery
Operational life 8 to 300h (depends on gas integration)
Event log 100,000 events
Work temperature Toxic gases: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Fuel: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Working humidity
accommodation Rubber enclosure
Standard accessories Operation manual, calibration cap, charger, screwdriver, USB cable
Dimension and weight 147 × 76 × 37mm, about 350g
Ex grade Ex ia IIC T4 Gb
Ingress protection IP66