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Petzl Tool Bag is a tool bag for anything from nails and screws to a hammer or screwdriver. Petzl tool bags are made from durable materials with a drawstring top closure to ensure your hand tools are there, at all times, without spill. This tool bag fits perfectly on your Petzl Volt Harness. Combine it with a Petzl Caritool Harness tool holder for optimal performance.


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Allows you to organize your tools during suspended work.

The tanka closure allows the bag to be easily opened and closed during transport or on the go.

Toolbag s (s47y s):

- for light bulky material (meter, pencil, screws / nuts ...).
- small measure (2.5 liters), 170 g.

Toolbag l (s47y l):

- for hand tools (hammer, screwdriver ...).
- large measure (5 liters), 240 g.

Toolbag s (s47y s): for smaller tools (tape measure, pencil, screws / nuts). Small size (2.5 liters), 170 g