Lámpara Para Casco Inalámbrica 25000 Luxes
The 25000 lux IP68 wireless mining lamp is a safety lamp adaptable to a helmet with the possibility of an elastic headband. The lamp is designed primarily for underground mining activities and emergency services. The lamp includes a clip to adapt it to a safety helmet or an elastic band. Includes USB magnetic charger.
The device is attached to a safety helmet, designed to accommodate front-mounted accessories, and its power supply, battery, and housing are integrated into the cap lamp housing.



25000 LUX mining helmet lamp with LED display

• The SSY KL4-A Cordless Helmet Lamp features a compact, easy-to-use design and offers over 15 hours of constant use.

• OLED Screen: Shows battery status, time, date.

• Dust and WATER resistant. IP68

• Magnetic USB charger

• Brightness 25000lux.

• Five levels: 1 low light mode, 2 medium light modes, 2 high light modes, 4 auxiliary lights, 5 SOS lights.

Exploded Lantern


Información Técnica

Unique to the cordless model is a backlit display with battery life indication, providing clear warning when recharging is required.

Model KL4-A
brightness mode HIGH MEDIUM UNDER Alabama call for help
Continuous discharge time (h) 5 fifteen 60
LED working current (mA) 1200 350 80
Light power (W) 4.2 1.17 0.24
Initial illumination degree at 1 m (lx) 25000lux 15000lux 1400lux
battery capacity 6.8 Ah
Nominal voltage 3.7V
battery life 1200 cycles
Loading time 5H
IP Rating IP68

• Compact design.

• Long lasting lithium ion battery.

• Easy one button operation.

• Durable antistatic housing.

• Water resistant (IP68).

• Protection against electrical short circuits.


• This product supports life and health in an underground environment.

• Improper use, maintenance, or tampering may affect the function of the device and thereby compromise the product's ability to support life and protect against damage.


When using the wireless headlamp, the following safety instructions must be observed:

• The device must be operated by qualified personnel.

• Before each use, check the functionality of the device.

• Be aware of procedures for handling static-sensitive electronic devices, including SYNERGY headlamps.

• This device contains components that are sensitive to static electricity. Do not open or repair the device without using proper electrostatic protection.

• Be aware of warranty regulations.

• Do not charge in hazardous areas.

• Charge only with approved charging devices.