Wisdom KL8M Mining Lamp
High Performance Miner's Cap Lamp, World Leader !. KL8M is the world's first cap lamp specification! Perfect balance between shine and weight! Super bright! Cigarette lighter!. Medium size!
KL4MS is the first generation of advanced corded mining lamps (headlight)



High performance mining industrial grade lamp

• Fire resistant, flame retardant, resist falling, high reliability.

• 11000 lux mining professional LED cap lamp brightness.

• Reliable safety long lifespan of 10000h working time of 16h.

• IP68 certified diving.

Información Técnica

24000 lux brightness !. Brilliant the underground mine !. 14000 lux brightness is 4 times than normal LED cap lamp. Super bright assist the underground mining very good lighting conditions.

High capacity 10400 mAh Lithium battery! High capacity Li-ion battery that sure 13hours working time for option is to meet the demand for working time in hiding.

Waterproof IP68 certified dive to more than 20 meters !. IP68 the highest level standard waterproof certification for connectors. KL8M is workable in a long time under the water of 20 meters!

Full charge with five hours! Special charger designed for fast charging. cap lamp longer service life.

Technical specifications KL8M
CharacteristicsSpecifications KL8M
Version KL8M Standard KL8M Long KL8M Super Long
Rated capacity 10400 mAh
Rated voltage 3.7 V
Continuous time download 13 h 16 h 24 h
Main LED light operating voltage 3.0 V
Main current working LED light 890 mA 640 mA 500 mA
Main light power 2.67 W 1.92 W 1.5 W
Main light luminous flux 430 lm 340 lm 279 lm
Initial lamp illumination degree 24000 lx 18000 lx 14000 lx
Main light of life > 50,000 h
Auxiliary light power 0.4 W
Auxiliary light life 40,000 h
Short circuit protect in time
Battery life (recharging) 1200 cycles (under reasonable working conditions)
Loading time 5.5-8.5 hours
Dimensions 95 x 38 x 102mm (battery box size)
Main cable 1.4 / 1.65 m
Weight 550 g