Rechargeable KL5LM Mining Lamp For Helmet
This is a new environmentally friendly mining lamp, which uses 1W LEDs which are the most advanced ones made by LUMILEDS (Japanese) company. This type of lamp can be used in mines that present a flammable and / or explosive environment, such as coal mines, the chemical industry, oil and road transport as well as its use in other mobile lighting places.
This kind of miner's lamp can be applied in flammable and explosive environment such as coal mines, chemical industry, oil and road transportation. Also, it can be applied in other mobile lighting place.



The product belongs to the Exls (Explosionproof) product category, which is the ANTIEXPLOSION standard.

Due to the type of battery, which is of the latest generation, it is very important that before it is used the lamp is turned on until the charge is completely exhausted and from there to charge for about 12 hours until the charge indicator show that the battery is already fully charged. Doing this is KEY TO THE LIFE OF THE BATTERY, as failure to do so can create a charging memory as happens with cell phone batteries. After this first charge, the other charges are made in about 8 hours or less as indicated by the charging light on the charger, but if it is important that the battery be charged only when it is fully charged, this will give it good performance and durability. to the battery.

Following these guidelines for battery use is important to the life of the battery.

Información Técnica

The name and reference of the lamp is not a whim, since each of the letters and numbers that compose it have a meaning that is what gives the technical and use characteristics of the lamp. Here you can see the meaning of each one like this:

K L 5 L M

Minerslamp (Mining Lamp) Lithium ion accumulator Ratedcapacity of accumulator LED double light source Accumulator free of maintenance

This type of mining lamp, with indicator, adopts 1 high-power 1W LED as the light source and a lithium-ion battery as the power source, this is an environment-friendly product.

This is a portable lighting tool for special jobs and underground. It is used mainly in coal mines, all types of mines for chemical extraction, oil industry, electric power, railways, tunnel construction and exploration fields.

It is especially used for the lighting and safety of personnel in special conditions, such as flammable and explosive environment, emergency lighting for fire and first responders in disaster areas.

With the adoption of high-power LEDs and advanced technology, a cold light source is achieved and with li-ion batteries, the KL5LM lamp is an environmentally friendly mining lamp. Compared with the light of traditional mining lamps, this lamp has six prominent features as described below:

(1) Safety: Hermetic battery design, the battery has protection devices against over-charge, over-current inrush and against short circuit, the battery is static-free and is a certified explosion-proof product.

(2) Reliability: Optimized design and high intensity shed (protector), so that the product can withstand the strong external force.

(3) Convenience: Small size, light weight, fast-loading, maintenance-free, and easy to handle and carry. Waterproof.

(4) High Efficiency: High quality bright light, low power consumption, enabling increased productivity.

(5) Environmental protection: As the lithium-ion battery does not have corrosive liquid, the lamp can be maintained without maintenance, it is just to put it to good use.

(6) Versatility. Equipped with a conversion charging circuit, so it can be charged at normal power outlets.