MSA V-GARD White Cap Type Helmet With Lamp Holder
The MSA V-Gard helmet, with its distinctive "V" brand design is a brand recognized worldwide for its comfort, quality and durability.
MSA has sold more than 100 million V-Gard Helmets since its launch. So many that the iconic "V" design has been a mainstay for many years even in the toughest workplaces.

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Yellow: 286620

White: 286627

The versatility of use includes, the certification to be used with the visor backwards (facilitating the use with visors and welding masks), additionally it has vertical and horizontal position adjustments in order that the user can extend the visor forward and adjust the height of the helmet on your head. Another benefit that the V-Gard helmet incorporates is the double strap on the suspension to increase the energy dissipation capacity in the event of an impact on the helmet.


• Resist and Lightweight.

• Type I - Superior impact

• Side slots for perfect attachment of accessories for MSA hearing and face protection.

• Dielectric property (does not conduct electricity) Class E, up to 20,000 volts for 3 minutes (ANSI)


• ANSI / ISEA Z89.1-2014 CSA Z94.1.2005

• NCH 461 2001 EN397: 2012

• EN50365: 2002 NBR 8221

• IRAM 3620 NOM-115-STPS-2009

• NMX-5-055-SCFI-2009

Información Técnica

Another benefit of the V-Gard model is the range of colors that can be selected (up to 21)


• Width of suspension bands: 3/4 inch

• Suspension size: 6 1/4 to 7 3/4 inches

• Support points: 4 Visor: anti-reflective underside

• Weight: 340 grams Class E

• Type I (against higher impact)


• Mining

• Industry in general

• Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

• Building

• Electricity and basic services.


• Shell: Virgin high density polyethylene Suspension:

• Tapes - Nylon Cincho - Polyethylene

• Clips - Polypropylene Sweatband: Padded perforated vinyl

• Fit: Fas-Trac III Accessories:

• Chinstrap: Nylon elastic plush with

• dielectric capacity

• Special V-GARD helmets are uniquely designed with a superior gloss finish through a thermoformed material for maximum durability. They are equipped with Fas-Trac lll suspension and have side grooves to fit all MSA V-GARD accessories.

They meet and exceed the applicable requirements for a Type I helmet, established by ANSI / ISEA Z89.1 - 2014, and CSA Z94.1-2015, Class E (protection against high voltage).


• 475358: White

• 475359: Blue

• 475360: Yellow

• 475361: Orange

• 475362: Green

• 475363: Red

• 475364: Gray

• 475365: Gold

• 492559: Black

• 495853: Celeste

• 495854: Coffee

• 10057419: Pink

• 815565: Lemon Green

• 10061512: Yellow - Green Hi Viz