Nylon Mining Belt Self Rescue Straps And Battery Holder And Buckle With Triple Safety
It allows to carry the mining lamp as well as the self-rescuer, for this it has pins for the battery of the mining lamp and the self-rescuer, forged steel rings on the side and a triple-securing plastic buckle.
Internal plastic lining in fabric to prevent it from bending and gives rigidity.



• plastic buckle with triple securing.

• Mining belt made of 45 mm wide Nylon tape.

• Sizes S - L - M - XL.

• Approximate weight: 240 grams.

• Battery holder strap: 260 mm x 25 mm.

• Self-rescue strap: 260 mm x 25 mm.

• 5 eyelets of 5mm on each of the straps

Información Técnica


• Mining

• The mining belts are designed to be used as a complement to a personal protection system and are intended to support the self-rescue and the battery of the mining lamp.

Service Life / Inspection:

• The useful life of the belt will depend on the use and care given.

• Proposed inspection: the mining belt must be inspected daily before use. Checking that all your tapes are in good condition and checking if there is any type of wear or tear. Check that there is no evidence of paint, solvents, acid or burns on the tape.

• Before using the equipment verify that there is a record of the last inspection on its label.

• Systematic inspection: its frequency should be based on the conditions of use and exposure. Extreme working conditions may require that the frequency of inspections be increased.

Cleaning The Mining Belt:

• Remove stains using a damp sponge, mild or neutral soap, then remove with cold water and suspend.

Mining Belt Storage:

• Store with care to eliminate damage from environmental factors such as heat, direct sunlight, excessive humidity, oil, chemicals and degrading elements. Check that there are no rodents, volatile chemicals, corrosion or smoke in the storage area.

Capacity And Limitations:

• The equipment is designed for use by one person and should not be used as restrictive movement equipment for any reason. The manufacturer of the product has no control over the work environment where the equipment will be used, the weather condition.