N95 Steelpro M9910 Foldable Black and White Respirator
Heat-sealed, maintenance-free folding particulate respirator with individual packaging, ergonomic design to achieve greater comfort in use with complementary personal protection.
It allows the filtration of oil-free particulate matter down to a size of 0.3 μm (microns) and the joint use with complementary respiratory, hearing and visual protection.



• Ultralight and ergonomic folding design.

• Aluminum nose adjustment clip.

• Internal nasal foam for greater comfort.

• Double elastic textile band without metal clips (do not require pre -


• Comfortable and easy to adjust.

• Respiratory Weight 5g.

• Packaging unit Box for 50 Units.


• Protection to particulate material from Aerosols, Mists and Metallic Fumes (Welding Fumes), free of oily particles (up to 0.3 µm / air flow: 85 Umin).

• Construction, Mining, Maintenance, Industry, Food, Cutting, Washing, Crushing, Sanding, Polishing, Grinding, Sawing and Grinding activities.

Información Técnica


1.Place up. the respirator over your mouth and nose with metallic fit 00

2.Pull the elastic behind your head.

3.Press metal fit for added firmness and comfort


• Do not use when concentrations are greater than 10 times the exposure limit.

• Do not use in atmospheres whose oxygen content is less than 19.5%.

• Do not use in atmospheres where the pollutant is in IDLH concentrations (Immediately Dangerous for Life and


• Do not use in atmospheres containing toxic gases and vapors, asbestos or dust from sandblasting, in direct exposure.